Leadership Team Position Descriptions

The following positions are designed to meet specific needs within a
typical MOPS group:

Coordinator: Leads the Steering Team, coordinates the MOPS ministry
and acts as a liaison between MOPS International and the Chartering
Ministry. She is the emcee of the MOPS meeting and leads the group by
her enthusiasm.

Creative Activities Team Leader: Organizes, plans, and teaches crafts
and creative activities along with her team. She may also invite guest
demonstrators to share ideas during the creative activity time of the
MOPS meeting.

Discussion Group Team Leader: Coordinates and encourages Discussion
Group Facilitators and works closely with the MOPS Mentor. She
substitutes for absent Discussion Group Facilitators and, with them,
prays for the individual members of the MOPS group.

MOPPETS Team Leader: Oversees the MOPPETS ministry, and recruits,
trains and encourages MOPPETS staff. She selects classroom curriculum,
shows caring concern to the MOPS moms about their children and
communicates program policies.

Finance Team Leader: Collects fees, manages the money, and budgets for
the group. She pays guest speakers or demonstrators, deposits money,
keeps accurate records, and assists her team with fundraising. She
encourages the other Team Leaders to be accountable in spending for
their area.

Hospitality Team Leader: Organizes refreshments for each meeting,
plans brunches and special events, and assists with special needs
along with her team. She may also organize meeting icebreakers and
skits to help the ladies relax and get to know each other.

Publicity Team Leader: Publicizes MOPS meetings by promoting to local
businesses and in newspapers. She facilitates communication between
the Steering Team and the MOPS women in her group through newsletters
and/or fliers. 

Additional positions or Co-Team Leaders may be added to your Steering
Team as growth or special needs arise in your group.